Businesses that truly want to grow need to focus on improving their relationship with their customers and provide an experience that would get customers talking. This practice will create  a long term customer.

People understand the difference between good and bad service, and in this present day it is easy to express such feelings through many channels.  What companies are really looking for, is to create a memorable experience which builds customer loyalty and long term business relationships.

Build Relationships that create an emotional connection

Rather than focusing on the transactional aspect, business owners will see much reward when they focus on the emotional connection that customers are looking for. Everyone of your customers has an emotional need that calls for attention.

Your product and service is important, but it is not necessarily the main issue in any service encounter. Time, Convenience and product knowledge are also aspects that a customer requires  from accepting to work with your company.   Failing to connect emotionally to transfer the passion you have for your products and services to the customer will prevent you from creating that bond, and ultimately prevent you from making that sale.

When communicating with a customer always take these points into consideration:

  • Put yourself in your customer’s shoes. What is your customer seeking other than your product or service?
  • Understand your customers needs.
  • Anticipate your customer’s future needs. What might they want that they have not figured out yet?

Think about your customers emotional need. You can find this by asking the right questions. Once you satisfy your customers emotional need you have created a memorable experience and this is what will keep them coming back.

Every person has a story, and so does your customer. Stories are extremely important as they create a memorable experience. As a fact, the Average person remembers only 50% of what they heard after 48 hours, so in order to create an emotional connection tell your customer a story or personal experience.

People want to feel heard so take the time to listen to your customers needs.  Here are some tips for becoming a better listener:

1. Ignore potential distractions

2. Look for central themes or ideas in the speaker’s message

3. Maintain your emotional control

4. Evaluate & restate the message that you’ve heard

All human beings have the need to feel special, when they feel special people feel valued. One way to ensure your customer feels valued is to always thank them for their loyalty and trust.  Your daily challenge should be how many customers can I thank for their loyalty today?

Trust is an important area when dealing with customers. Once your customers trust you they will trust your services.  Trust is created when you show credibility and present a sustainable reliable service. Being transparent and creating a warm and comfortable environment for your customer are the main components of trust.  Never meet with a customer empty handed, always provide value, gain trust, create an emotional connection and the sale will follow.

A loyal customer base will ensure that the same customers keep coming back. Customer experiences that create an exceptional emotional return for your customers will turn them into brand advocates. As a business owner your goal should be to turn loyal customers into brand advocates.

A great customer experience will  make customers feel that they have received something exceptional and an “out of the ordinary” treatment. When this happens, it creates brand advocates. They want to reciprocate by promoting your business through word of mouth, social media, online reviews, and other traditional means. Your brand advocates will do the selling for you.

Chafica EL-labban

Masters of Management

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